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Wednesday 26 September 2007

Creativity - Where Does it Come From?

Ideas for images come to me in the night. They come to me while I'm driving somewhere or doing something other than photography. Where does creativity come from? I'm not sure anyone knows. It comes through me and from me and when I least expect it. It's not something I can force or control. Sometimes I get a great idea when I'm stressed and under pressure, or sometimes when I'm bored and navel gazing. Whatever it is, it's the most wonderful feeling when you complete the cycle of a creative idea: capturing the image and then finally showing it. I hope to share with you through this blog, my creative journey.

Cape Spear Old Lighthouse (Digital Composite)

One fall I was under pressure to come up with an idea for an Xmas card. At the time, I was teaching image compositing at Seneca and was working on a class demonstration to turn a daylight image into night. The image was the old non-working lighthouse at Cape Spear in Newfoundland. I had just finished the image, complete with lights on, when this Xmas card crisis hit. The problem with using the lighthouse was that it was photographed in June. A winter image was needed. I looked for a snow scene with the light coming from the same direction as the lighthouse and found an image of snow drifts and grass from Manitoulin Island. I blended in this image but something was still missing. I needed a strong light source. For this I added a moon image from Northern Ontario. The final step was to add a blue tone to make it look like a cold night. It took about 48 seconds to come up with the idea but the whole process to create the image composite took about 48 hours. This was one of the first images we had posted with Getty.

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Blogger Beck said...

That IS one of my favorite pictures, too. I'm always fascinated by how the VISUAL creative process works because my mind does not work that way, AT ALL.

27 September 2007 at 16:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your first post, Ron. I've always been a great fan of your creations and I'm looking forward to reading & viewing more.


27 September 2007 at 16:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is really interesting the way you created that picture. Enjoyed your first post. Look forward to future photos and words!!!

27 September 2007 at 20:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey sir, it's one of your students, I think you're a great photographer/digital artist. Awesome work! You've inspired me.

1 October 2007 at 00:25  

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