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Wednesday 27 July 2016

Strong Women

We started our trip west this year as we usually do. We stopped to spend some time with Lori’s mom on Manitoulin Island. Evelyn Lane is a painter, sister, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, great great grandmother and one of the strongest people I have ever known. She is 92 and still going. I wonder if I will ever even come close to 92? Bull Thistle Flower
Bull Thistle Flower (image stacking)

While on the Island, I travelled to Misery Bay Provincial Park one morning. I was thinking of Doreen Bailey while walking the trails. Doreen passed away in April 2016. Lori and I have spent time with her in the park. We have also worked on several projects together. She taught us a lot about the plants and animals of Manitoulin. I felt her presence on the trail. A trail and place she had a big roll in preserving for all of us to enjoy. Thank you Doreen. You are an inspiration. Misery Bay Provincial Park
Misery Bay Provincial Park

We have been planning this trip for a few months. The new van is much like our old one. But the bed is a lot more sturdy and comfortable. There is a lot more storage space above and below the bed too. The Van
The Van

The Van
The Van (side door)

The Van
The Van (back view)

We are on the road now. Starting to get into it. Hopefully the cameras will be getting a little workout. The Van
The Van (with Gear)

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Anonymous Marta said...

I agree with your comments re the women!
Hope you enjoy your summer and your new van and get plenty of good photo ops! Looking forward to seeing the results! Have a good summer.

28 July 2016 at 15:09  

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