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Saturday 5 June 2010

Adventures in Caffeine Withdrawal

Okay, I admit it. My wife is smarter than I am and she has proven it many times over the years. I have learned to accept it. Recently I was under the weather from a bad caffeine withdrawal induced headache. I insisted that her idea wouldn’t work, how could I possibly function as a photographer with a bed box/platform in the back of the van? No, that just wouldn't work. As the veins in the side of my head popped out from the pain of the coffee-coloured monkey on my back, Lori explained again what she wanted to do.

Finally she said, "Maybe today isn’t the best day to do this."

So I fell into a fitful sleep. The next day, I was a little better. I was still grumpy but able to go out in public. We went to Home Depot with a drawing and a list of what we needed. Lori handed the list to a guy by the big saw at the back of the store. He looked at it once and quickly made all the cuts in the two sheets of plywood. We grabbed some screws and brackets and headed for home.

“You know this will require beer,” I said as we gathered all the tools. She just sighed and got out her drawing. We laid out all the boards and everything looked good.Van Bed Platform
Van Bed Platform - Click for larger

We screwed the thing together and put the large boards on the top. With a few adjustments we were able to make up a comfy bed and get in. If I move the seat forward a bit I can stretch right out.The Completed Bed
The Completed Bed - Click for larger

I felt a bit sick. No not from the caffeine withdrawal. But because I would have to yet again say that dreadful thing that we men have to say all too often,

"Yes dear, you were right. And yes, you were also right about quitting coffee for the summer. Although next time I go through withdrawal, I suggest you stay at your sister's place..."

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