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Tuesday 28 July 2015

A Piece of PEI

We have made several trips to Prince Edward Island over the years. It is a quaint and peaceful island however I have always struggled to capture the spirit of the place. This time, we did it a bit different. Thankfully, Lori and I rented a cottage for 7 nights rather than camping. Arriving a day early, we camped at Cedar Dunes Provincial Park for one night. The black flies and mosquitoes were thick. West Point Lighthouse, PEI
West Point Lighthouse, PEI

The next day we checked out Thunder Cove. It was a bit late in the morning but I did get a couple of “safety shots” as we like to call them. Looking through an archway at Teacup Rock, PEI
Looking through an archway at Teacup Rock, PEI

We stayed in the Malpeque Harbour area. It is central. PEI is not a big island. You can get to most places with little effort. We wanted to explore places close to our cottage and not spend our time in the car. This location was a convenient and a pleasant way to spend the week. Malpeque Harbour, Prince Edward Island
Malpeque Harbour, Prince Edward Island

We found this Silver Fox near our cottage one morning. Silver Fox
Silver Fox

There are so many beautiful beaches here. The increase in the number of jellyfish is a bit of a concern. They clogged many of the beaches some days. Arctic Red Jellyfish
Arctic Red Jellyfish

We wandered around and looked for images. The weather was great, sunny and warm for the most part. Pilings, St Peters Harbour, PE
Pilings, St Peters Harbour, PE

French River, PEI
French River, PEI

Adrien Veczan joined us for one night and we shot Tea-Cup Rock. We had great light. There were may people there including other photographers. Some were very polite and considerate. Some hogged the rock. I was able to shoot around them without too much trouble. Teacup Rock, PEI
Teacup Rock, PEI

We stayed until dark and did some light painting. Adrien used flash and stacked dozens of shots. I did it the old school way and used a flashlight to paint the rock. You can check out Adrien’s work on his website: http://www.veczan.com/ It is always fun to shoot with Adrien. Teacup Rock, PEI
Teacup Rock, PEI at night

We also met up with another former student of mine. Alex Bruce and his wife Deborah have a summer place in Stanhope. We had a great visit. Alex shared some of his latest images from the island. You can check out Alex’s work at: http://www.alexbrucephotography.com/ This was our best trip to the island so far. We had oysters, good wine and we just slowed down enough to soak in the place. I feel very different about the province now. I guess I just missed it the first few visits. PEI Potato Field
PEI Potato Field

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Wednesday 8 July 2015

Go East Young Man

We are travelling east this year. I’m glad we decided to head this way. There are so many fires out west, it would be difficult to travel in some areas. So far we have travelled through Quebec, stopping in Riviere du Loup and then on to New Brunswick. Waterfalls, Riviere-du-Loup, QC
Waterfalls, Riviere-du-Loup, QC

Lori and I wanted to see something different in New Brunswick so we headed to Mount Carleton Provincial Park in the Appalachians. There are some wonderful hiking trails in this park.

We did a couple of short trails the day we arrived.

Williams Falls, New Brunswick
Williams Falls, New Brunswick

The next day we walked to the top of Mount Carleton, the highest point in the Maritimes. Firetower on Mount Carleton, NB
Firetower on Mount Carleton, NB

On the way to the summit, I photographed a small brook with lots of flowing water and moss. It was a very peaceful spot. Mamozekel Brook, NB
Mamozekel Brook, NB

Mamozekel Brook, NB
Mamozekel Brook, NB

We are slowly making our way to PEI. More to come!

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