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Thursday 11 August 2011

Ode to George

Dented Harmonica
Dented Harmonica - Click for larger

I was thinking about George on Monday when a song I had recorded with another friend came on the ipod. I had played harmonica and guitar on this recording. But my harp playing is nothing compared to how George could play it. He was really good. Remembering the fun times we had I thought we really should get together and catch up. Unfortunately George passed away, probably the day I was thinking of him.

We had many a jam session in our day. We performed on stage together a couple of times and we played on our canoe trips.
I remember the first time I met him was on a service call when we both worked for the computer company “Wang Laboratories”. He looked surly and angry. I was a rookie and I was a little intimidated by him. He was one of the best technical support guys there and he didn’t take any BS from anyone. But as I got to know him, I found he was a caring, sweet man.

There are so many things in my life that are influenced by George. Things I say on a regular basis. Things I probably shouldn’t say in public. (George was a sailor after all and he could swear with the best of them!) Limericks, jokes and a bunch of very funny stories flooded my brain when I got the news.

I just pulled out one my harmonicas. There are teeth marks in my G harp from George. From one wonderful beer fuelled night long ago, when we where young and unafraid of the darkness.George playing guitar
George playing guitar - Click for larger

Well old goat, I will miss you. I will pour a glass of single malt and play a sad song for you. I hope you can hear it.

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P.E. and I

Well, it’s not that it’s not beautiful. It is.Prince Edward Island National Park
Prince Edward Island National Park - Click for larger

And it’s not that the people were not friendly, they were. I just don’t seem to get it. I try to get images. But they never seem to live up to my ideal of this place.Malpeque Harbour
Malpeque Harbour - Click for larger

Prince Edward Island is not my favorite province in Canada. Maybe it’s just too gentle. Too tame and tidy. Although we did see many foxes on the island.Red Fox Kit
Red Fox Kit - Click for larger

I guess if I just wanted to eat oysters and lay on a beach it would be a great place to go. Osprey in Flight
Osprey in Flight - Click for larger

I even tried to photograph the bridge but the light just wasn’t there.Confederation Bridge
Confederation Bridge - Click for larger

Maybe we need to book a cottage in a quiet place on a beach. If we could mix a bit more with locals I think we would find more beautiful places. I know they are there. I have seen some beautiful images of this place over the years but I guess it’s just not my cup of tea. We did enjoy meeting up with Adrien Veczan again.Adrien on PEI
Adrien on PEI - Click for larger

We are slowly heading toward home. Time to acquaint myself with my own bed again.

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Tuesday 2 August 2011

Off the “Rock” and into the Highlands

We had a good trip down to Burgeo, NL. This is one of the most beautiful places we have visited on Newfoundland. We had a good visit with Lori’s nephew Ben. I had hoped to see lots of Moose and Caribou but I think we were too late in the year. They must head up into the highlands to avoid the bugs. Burgeo is a small somewhat isolated community on the south shore of Newfoundland.Sandbanks Provincial Park, NL
Sandbanks Provincial Park, NL - Click for larger

Cemetary, Sandbanks Provincial Park, NL
Cemetary, Sandbanks Provincial Park, NL - Click for larger

We did a few hikes and found orchids and some landscapes. Sandbanks Provincial Park is one of the highlights of this area.Small Purple Fringed Orchid
Small Purple Fringed Orchid

We caught the ferry to the mainland at 5 am and slept in the lineup till 3:30. On the ferry we had a berth. This allowed us to get a bit more sleep, do some backups and charge some batteries.

When we landed, it was pouring rain. We headed to Cape Breton Highlands National Park and met up with our friend Adrien Veczan. Adrien is working for a newspaper in Halifax and had a few days off. We camped at Cheticamp and hiked the Skyline Trail.Skyline Trail, Cape Breton
Skyline Trail, Cape Breton - Click for larger

We saw lots of moose. It really is a lovely trail. Bull Moose
Bull Moose - Click for larger

Bull Moose
Bull Moose - Click for larger

Adrien headed home the next day. Lori and I decided to stay a bit longer. We found lots of orchids and wildlife to photograph and the landscape is very dramatic.Cabot Trail
Cabot Trail - Click for larger

Black Bear Cub
Black Bear Cub - Click for larger

Coyote - Click for larger

Male Spruce Grouse
Male Spruce Grouse - Click for larger

White Fringed Orchis
White Fringed Orchis - Click for larger

We are heading off tomorrow to the Sackville area of New Brunswick to look for shorebirds and then on to PEI. I think it will be difficult to top this part of our trip.

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