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Friday 9 November 2012


I have been putting off a few projects, letting them percolate and fester until the itch to finish them is too great to ignore. Often I put something off because I don't know where it is going yet. I don't know how to finish some projects or even if they can ever be complete. Recently I started playing with old images making them look even older. When I was trying to find a term for this process Lori suggested "Antiqued," the process of aging and weathering something to look old. That fit perfectly. Old Trucks (antiqued)
Old Trucks (antiqued) - Click for larger

Once I started this process I realized I could use it to complete two projects still on my back burner: Nudes in Nature and Abandoned. Nude with Canoe (antiqued)
Nude with Canoe (antiqued) - Click for larger

The "Antiqued" process made me think of a Dolly Parton quote, "It costs a lot money to look this cheap." I have spent my entire photographic career trying to make perfect images. That is the goal: sharp, well-exposed, clean and beautiful images. So the process of messing them up was a definite change of direction: perfect for a fine art project. But the project will not really be complete until I get the images out there somehow. I could do another gallery show but I don't think I'm up to that right now. It's so much work. Instead, I'm thinking of producing these series as posters. Let me know what you think.
Abandoned Poster
Abandoned Poster - Click for larger
Nude with Canoe (antiqued)
Nude with Canoe (antiqued) - Click for larger

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