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Thursday 25 April 2013


Much of my time away from teaching has been spent learning new techniques and how to do my usual imaging tasks better, smarter and faster. Some of the things I have been doing have taken me out of my comfort zone. I’m quite comfortable photographing a landscape. It’s kind of like breathing at this point. I still enjoy it, love it in fact, but the learning curve is starting to flatten out a bit. Working in the studio pushes me to learn new tricks. I started doing some work for a Photoshop course I’m redesigning. The first stage of this process started with water. Splashing Water
Splashing Water
Using a Canon 580 EX II flash and a set of pocket wizards, I was able to freeze water drops. Setting the flash to 1/16th power and bouncing it off a white backdrop froze the motion and gave good contrast.

From there I started dropping things into water.

Strawberry Splash
Strawberry Splash
After several days of working with a large beer glass, I bought a 10-gallon fish tank. The lighting set up was much different for the tank. Through trial and error and a lot of zip lock bags to cover my equipment, I came up with images like this: Splashing Peppers
Splashing Peppers
I ended up with several, what I call “Kitchen Posters”. Here are a couple of samples: Sequence Poster
Sequence Poster
Tomatoes Poster
Tomatoes Poster
My next project is whisky. Shoot first, drink later has always been my motto... Bourbon Bottle
Bourbon Bottle

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